hornet - lightweight steel

Designed for performance - built to last
Over 100+ sprockets in our hornet range
Case-hardened Chromoly steel
Maximum strength and durability
cnc machined
precision cut for a perfect fit
self cleaning mud grooves
extend chain & sprocket life
lightweight design
30% lighter than the OE steel equivalent
product details

MTX Hornet front sprockets are a lightweight performance alternative to OEM sprockets. Featuring self-cleaning mud grooves between the teeth for extended chain and sprocket life, with lightening holes to reduce rotational mass the Hornet series is designed for champions. CNC machined from case-hardened Chromoly steel and fully heat-treated for maximum strength and durability.

  • Fully heat-treated for maximum strength and durability
  • Lightening holes reduce rotational mass
  • Presentable clamshell for an excellent presentation
  • Special coating counters corrosion and provides wear resistance

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